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Lambliff Big Bang -- Chapter Four

Title/Chapter: Witness Protection for The Heart (04/08+Epilogue)
Author: amanda: jaclyn’s twin sister / writefiction 
Beta: Trench / glambert813 
Artist: Missy Miss / missynicole 
Pairing: Adam Lambert / Tommy Joe Ratliff
Rating: R
Notes: Completely AU.
Warning: strong language, masturbation
Word Count: 2,315
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Thomas Hanson joins Witness Protection after witnessing his best friend's murder. He gets placed in some boring New England town. But when he starts to fall for one of his handlers, Marshall Adam Lambert, things begin to get tricky and not so boring. Does Adam feel the same? And what happens when you fall in love with a US Marshall when you're in the Witness Protection Program?


The next morning Adam woke to find himself, not in his bed but in someone else's, holding a small figure in his arms. When he was able to wipe the sleep from his eyes, he looked down and realized the small figure was that of Tommy Joe Ratliff. Adam smiled at their position. Tommy was curled in the same small ball as before but was now burrowed into Adam’s chest. Adam was on his side, his arms wrapped tightly around Tommy, holding the older man as close as he could. He sighed quietly, enjoying the feeling of being wrapped around the smaller man’s body.

Suddenly Adam’s eyes went wide as he realized that Tommy wasn’t just some guy he met at a club or bar or even the grocery store. Tommy was a witness. A witness he was supposed to be protecting, not sleeping with. Adam tried to carefully pull away without waking Tommy but he had no luck. As soon as his grip loosened on the warm body, Tommy stretched, arching his back much like a cat which only served to make Adam’s heart skip a beat. Then Tommy looked up at him with an adorably sleepy smile that made Adam’s heart go in the opposite direction, beating in overdrive. God, he just wanted to kiss those cupids bow lips. But he couldn’t. Instead he said, “So um, do you need anything else from me?” Tommy shook his head. “Alright, then I’ll be going.” Adam jumped so quickly from the bed it made Tommy’s head spin. A moment later Tommy heard the front door shut and a car outside start up. As his eyes began to water and he shoved his face in to the pillow Adam’s head had been resting on just moments before.

Tommy breathed in the scent of Adam’s hair and cried. He had slept peacefully in Adam’s arms last night, the first time since he’d moved out here. It had felt wonderful. And when Tommy had woken up to Adam’s arms wrapped around him, it was like that hole that'd once been the loss of Dave had magically been filled by the warmth of Adam Lambert. Tommy didn’t want to lose that. Eventually, Tommy pulled himself out of bed, eyes puffy and bloodshot, and got ready for work.

Night after night Tommy kept having the same nightmare; kept dreaming that Scar Face was out to get him. He started to actually believe that he would get him. Every night he woke up terrified, reaching blindly for his phone and called Adam. It had gotten to the point that now when he called late at night, or early in the morning as it was, Adam didn’t greet him. He just told Tommy he’d be there as soon as he could. When Adam would arrive, Tommy would fall in to his arms sobbing and Adam would just hold him until the tears dried and he had calmed down. Then he’d tuck Tommy into bed and Tommy would ask him to stay. Adam always said he’d only stay until Tommy fell asleep, but he usually ended up falling asleep himself and would wake up with Tommy wrapped up in his arms. Something that was getting harder and harder for him to wake up to because he enjoyed it so much and really, he shouldn’t have been enjoying it.

About a week after the first time Adam had spent the night, Tommy came home from work to find Adam in his driveway, leaning against the trunk of his car. Tommy’s heart skipped a beat at the sight of him. He climbed from his car, a huge smile on his face, and strode over to Adam. “What are you doing here, man?” he asked

Adam smiled back. “I wanted to be here before you could get lost in your nightmare,” he told Tommy. “I thought we’d both get a better night’s sleep that way.” Tommy’s heart swelled with joy. This was one of the things that made Adam so attractive, his caring and kind heart. Every day Tommy was sure that this wasn’t just some crush, sure that he was actually falling in love with Mr. Adam Lambert. So he grinned a little wider and led Adam in to the house, chattering away about his day. Adam listened intently, like he was genuinely interested in what Tommy had to say. He even asked questions now and then.

After a while the two men decided it was time to retire to the bedroom. Tommy grabbed his pajamas and went in to the adjoining bathroom to do his nightly routine of bathing before bed. Meanwhile, Adam was in the bedroom changing out of his work clothes. He’d brought pajamas this time. He figured if he was going to be spending the night, he might as well be comfortable. Although he’d never admit out it loud, just being in Tommy’s bed with him was enough to make Adam rest easily.

Adam heard the bathroom door open and looked up to see Tommy Joe clad in only a pair of fleece sleep pants, his blond and black hair wet and hanging in his eyes. Adam’s mouth ran dry as his eyes devoured Tommy’s naked chest. He couldn’t handle the affect Tommy’s semi-nudity was having on him. “Uh, I’m gonna go brush my teeth,” Adam muttered. He didn’t wait for Tommy to answer. He just grabbed his toiletry bag and raced to the bathroom. Once inside he shut and locked the door.

Adam splashed his face with cold water and just stood standing over the sink for a minute trying to calm his racing heart. “Shit,” he muttered. “He’s gonna drive me to drink!” He grabbed his tooth brush and paste and put a generous dollop of the minty substance on his brush. He scrubbed his teeth and tongue with vigor; the pent up energy from his sexual frustrations of not being with Tommy Joe spilling in to his oral hygiene. But it wasn’t just about sex, it was more than that. He wanted to be loved by Tommy. He wanted to go to sleep every night with the smaller man in his arms and wake up to his adorable smile each morning.

He sighed and spit in to the sink. When he was done with his teeth, Adam splashed cold water on his face again. After drying it off, he felt confident that he could handle seeing Tommy Joe again. So he left the bathroom, turning out the light as he went. Luckily, when he entered the adjoining room, Tommy was in bed covered up by his blankets. Adam quietly let out the breath he hadn’t known he was holding. He placed his toiletry bag in his duffel and climbed on to the bed with his witness, leaning back against the headboard. Tommy moved closer and curled up against Adam’s leg. Adam couldn’t help but smile. He loved being close to Tommy Joe. He reached down and began to stroke Tommy’s hair, eventually lulling the smaller man to sleep. Soon after, Adam was asleep as well.

The next morning Adam woke to his arms wrapped tightly around Tommy Joe and Tommy’s face pressed in to his chest. Adam smiled, not surprised at all, and kissed the top of Tommy’s head softly, stroking his hair. Tommy stirred and did that cat-like stretch of his. There was something about the way he curled and uncurled his lean body, stretching out tight muscles, that did something to Adam he couldn’t explain. Something that always gave him a raging hard-on. Combine that with the way Tommy smiled sleepily at him and the way he was now nuzzling against Adam’s chest, and things were not looking good. “I… um, I’m gonna go shower,” Adam muttered, quickly pulling away from Tommy and hoping his boner would go unnoticed. He grabbed his overnight bag and hurried in to the bathroom.

Once in the other room, Adam quickly undressed and started up the shower. He was rock hard and leaking. Adam groaned quietly at this predicament. He could always take an ice cold shower, but decided against it as he climbed in to the warmth of the shower stall. He soaped his body and reached down to circle his hand around his cock. He started slowly, picturing Tommy in his head, fantasizing about the things he’d do to him. But then he started imagining what it’d be like to have those pretty little lips wrapped around his straining erection. It only took three more tugs of his hand and a twist of his wrist to have Adam coming hard and fast.

He panted as he came down from his high and rinsed the shower wall of the incriminating evidence. Then he began to clean the soap from his body and wash his hair. Once he was done, he stepped out of the shower and wrapped his designated towel around his waist. He was feeling much better now that he’d released the pressure that had been building up inside of him for weeks, ever since the day he’d met Tommy Joe. Adam had done his best to hold off from pleasuring himself to images of the man ever since. He felt that it would be crossing a line he’d been toeing so carefully. But today had been too much. He’d needed to give in to the fantasies in his mind.

Adam took his time getting dressed and doing his hair. When he was done, he felt ready to face Tommy Joe again. But as soon as he entered the kitchen and saw the half-naked man cooking them breakfast, he lost all hope of things going perfectly normal. He groaned inwardly at the sight. This was another thing he’d had dreams of, Tommy Joe cooking them breakfast and just… being domestic in general.

Adam had to mentally prepare himself, remind himself to be calm and act normal as he made his way over to the breakfast bar. Tommy turned when he heard Adam pull the stool out to sit on. He smiled at him and asked, “Scrambled eggs and bacon okay?” Adam could only nod. Tommy’s smile widened and he turned back around to continue cooking. When he was done, he scooped eggs and bacon on to two plates and walked around the counter, placing the plates of food on the bar. He sat down next to Adam and dug in to his food hungrily.

The two men were silent as they ate. Suddenly Tommy decided to speak. “Are you okay?” he asked.

Adam swallowed his eggs, forcing them down. Had Tommy figured him out? “Uh, yeah,” he answered. Tommy nodded and looked down at his plate, just pushing his food back and forth. After a moment, Adam noticed and frowned. “Hey, are you okay?” he asked.

Tommy shook his head and took a breath as he looked up at Adam. “Are you homophobic?”

Adam’s eyes went wide for just a second before he chuckled. “No. Why would you even think that?”

“Well, it’s just that the night we went to Target, after I told you about how I’d been in love with Dave, you kind of took off pretty quick. You wouldn’t even come in the house,” Tommy shrugged and looked down at his plate again.

Adam frowned at this. He had taken off pretty quickly that night, but it wasn’t at all what Tommy had been thinking. “It’s complicated,” he murmured.

“What’s complicated?” Tommy Joe asked, his curiosity getting the better of him.

“Nothing,” Adam said, shaking his head. “Just… lets drop it.”

“No,” Tommy replied sternly. “I won’t drop it. I wanna know why you freaked out that night. Do you not like me or something? I mean, if you don’t, why are you even staying around every night? It’s not your job to baby-sit me. Okay, well, that’s not completely true. But you don’t have to spend every night here. I bet that’s not part of your job description.”

Adam sighed in frustration. “Look, I’m not homophobic, I’m gay. And it’s against the rules to get involved with a witness,” he told Tommy. Then he got up and put his plate in the sink. He went to the bedroom and gathered his things, then left without another word.

Tommy sat in shock for a moment. Had Adam just implied that he wanted to be in a relationship with Tommy? Tommy wasn’t sure but he was determined to find out. So he picked up his phone and pushed the speed dial for Adam. It only rang twice before he answered. “Tommy,” Adam sighed.

“What the fuck is going on, Adam?” Tommy growled in to his phone.

Adam sighed again. He didn't want to be doing this. He didn't want to be having this conversation. He just wanted to try to forget about his feelings and move on. “I’ve had feelings for you since the day we met,” he explained. “The more time I spend with you, the stronger these feelings get. I’m falling for you hard and fast and that’s why I can’t be your Marshall anymore.”

“What?!” Tommy screeched. “No way! Just… no. I don’t want another Marshall. Adam, I’m falling for you too.”

“And that simple fact is why I can’t be your Marshall anymore,” Adam told him. “Goodbye, Tommy.” With that, he hung up without waiting for Tommy to reply.

Tommy jabbed the off button hard with his index finger. Then he grabbed his plate and threw it across the room. It slammed hard against the kitchen wall and shattered all over the place, food flying. But Tommy didn’t care. He was angry and he was hurt. So he went to his bedroom and curled up on what he had started calling Adam’s side of the bed. He breathed Adam’s scent in and began to cry. He didn’t stop until he was asleep.

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Tags: big bang, chaptered fic, fandom: adam lambert, fandom: tommy joe ratliff, fic: witness protection for the heart, genre: au, pairing: adommy/lambliff, rated: r
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