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Lambliff Big Bang -- Chapter Two

Title/Chapter: Witness Protection for The Heart (02/08+Epilogue)
Author: amanda: jaclyn’s twin sister / writefiction 
Beta: Trench / glambert813 
Artist: Missy Miss / missynicole 
Pairing: Adam Lambert / Tommy Joe Ratliff
Rating: PG
Notes: Completely AU.
Warning: none
Word Count: 1,135
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Thomas Hanson joins Witness Protection after witnessing his best friend's murder. He gets placed in some boring New England town. But when he starts to fall for one of his handlers, Marshall Adam Lambert, things begin to get tricky and not so boring. Does Adam feel the same? And what happens when you fall in love with a US Marshall when you're in the Witness Protection Program?


Thomas, or Tommy Joe as he was now known, spent his first few days alone in his new house unpacking his belongings. The Marshalls had brought the rest of his things to him the afternoon after he'd arrived. Tommy was surprised to find that they had managed to get all of his stuff, even things he'd hidden. But he guessed that they were Marshalls and knew people hid special objects, letters and what-not.

Even though Tommy was across the country he was still scared that the man who had shot Dave, the one he now called Scar Face, would eventually find him. He knew that it was probably a ridiculous fear, but he couldn’t help it. He knew if he talked to his Marshalls about his fear, they probably wouldn’t blame him for it, he was traumatized. But even so, he wanted to change up his appearance a little. So he called Adam.

After the second ring, Marshall Adam Lambert picked up the phone. “Tommy Joe, you okay?” he asked by way of greeting.

“Yeah,” Tommy sighed. “Still completely terrified, but I’m okay.”

“Okay, good. Now what’s up?” Adam questioned, feeling relieved.

“I um, I need to go to the store. I was wondering if you could take me? I’m not really comfortable leaving the house alone yet, plus I don’t have transportation and I don’t know the public transit,” Tommy rambled.

Adam chuckled quietly. “Sure, I’ll be there in ten. What do you need to buy anyway?”

Tommy felt his cheeks burn slightly. “I um, I wanted to get some hair dye,” he mumbled.

“Okay. Well, I’ll be there soon.” And with that, Adam hung up. Tommy Joe sighed and started getting ready to go out.

True to his word, Adam arrived at Tommy Joe’s in ten minutes exactly. Tommy had been watching out the window, so when Adam pulled in the driveway, Tommy Joe headed straight out the door. When he slid in to the passenger’s seat Adam asked, “Were you watching for me or something?” Tommy nodded, but didn’t speak. Adam bobbed his head once and backed out of the driveway. “Just so you know we’re going to Target. They’ve got some good prices on hair dye.” Tommy nodded again without a word and they drove the rest of the way in silence.

Once inside Target, Tommy Joe grabbed one of the little hand baskets and let Adam lead him to the hair dye aisle. He looked around at all the different choices. They had everything from hot pink to light brown to bleach blond. He decided to pick out the darkest black color he could find and get a thing of bleach. Then he looked at Adam who was reaching for a box of black dye. Adam looked up. “All set?” he asked. Tommy Joe nodded. He didn’t know why he couldn’t speak to Adam. Maybe it was the butterflies that always found their way in to his stomach and the way his mouth went bone dry whenever the man was around.

Adam led the way out of the aisle and back to the front of the store to a check-out lane. Adam got in line in front of Tommy. Tommy noticed he still had the black dye in his hand. “You dye your hair?” Tommy asked quietly.

Adam looked at him and smiled sheepishly. “Uh, yeah, I’m actually a natural redhead. I have so many freckles on my face you could play connect the dots on it.” Tommy grinned at his analogy.

“I don’t see any freckles on your face,” he replied.

Adam nodded. “The true miracle of make-up,” he said. Tommy nodded in understanding and waited for Adam to check out. Then it was his turn. He got his change from the cashier and the twosome headed out to the car in silence.

The drive back to Tommy Joe’s house began in a silence that Adam really couldn’t take. So he decided to start up a conversation. “So um, the guy that was murdered, he was your friend?” he asked.

Tommy Joe shook his head. “He was more than that. He was my best friend,” he answered softly. “But even more so, I was in love with Dave. I was going to tell him that night.” He swallowed audibly around the lump in his throat as tears burned in his eyes. “I went to the bathroom to splash water on my face and give myself a pep talk. When I came back out…” He shrugged and looked down, picking at the last bit of black polish on his fingernails.

“I’m sorry,” Adam whispered. He didn’t think Tommy was gay, but now that he knew, he was really excited about that fact. He knew he shouldn’t be, but he was. Ever since the first time he’d laid eyes on the brunette Adam knew he wanted Tommy Joe but his gaydar hadn’t gone off so he’d shrugged the feelings away. But now that he knew differently, things were going to get complicated very quickly if he couldn’t keep his emotions in check. Being a US Marshall, he was pretty capable of dividing work and play, but in his mind, Tommy was confusing the two.

Adam shook his head and pulled in to Tommy Joe’s driveway and put the car in park. They just sat in the car for a moment in silence, Tommy looking up at his new house. “So uh, here we are,” Adam stated. “Call if you need anything. No matter what time it is, okay?”

Tommy nodded and then turned his face towards Adam. “You, um, you wanna come in for a bit?” he asked.

Adam quickly shook his head. “I… um, I’ve got other witnesses to check up on,” he quickly lied.

“Oh,” Tommy said, disappointment clearly showing on his face. He opened the car door and slid out. He looked at Adam once before walking up the driveway to his door. He held the tears in for as long as he could. He made it to his bedroom and on to his bed, curling in to a ball as the tears began to flow. Maybe Adam was homophobic. Maybe that’s why he was so quick to get away from Tommy. He really hoped that wasn’t the case because he really liked Adam. He wanted to know everything about the Marshall. He wanted to know what it was like to have Adam’s strong arms wrapped around him and Adam's lips on his neck.

These thoughts only made Tommy cry harder. This was something he was sure he’d never get now. He was so sad, not just because of Adam, but also because he’d lost Dave. All these emotions were just too much for him. So he gave up and let himself succumb to the pull of sleep.

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