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Hanfic Genre Challenge 2010 - Master List - Song to Sing

Title: Song to Sing (wip)
Author: amanda: jaclyn’s twin sister
Pairing: Zac / OFC: Olivia
Genre: Love / Romance / AU
Rating: NC-17
P.O.V.: first person, switches back and forth but is clearly marked.
Notes: This is written for the Hanfic Genre Challenge
Other Notes: Sequel to Collide
Contains mature content, strong language
Summary: After The Walk Tour ‘08, Olivia and the rest of Late Night Romance move down to Tulsa so Olivia can be with Zac. After entering her second trimester, there’s a tragic loss that sends Olivia in to a devastating depression that puts a huge strain on her relationship with Zac. Will they be able to overcome this hardship or will it destroy them?

Prologue // Chapter One // Chapter Two // Chapter Three // Chapter Four //

Chapter Five // Chapter Six // Chapter Seven // Chapter Eight // Chapter Nine //

Chapter Ten // Chapter Eleven // Chapter Twelve //

Tags: chaptered fic, fandom: hanson, fic: song to sing, genre: romance / love, hgchallenge, master list, pairing: zac/ofc, rated: nc-17, sequel, writing challenges
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